organic wedding cakes ideas

Organic Wedding Cakes Ideas

The organic wedding cakes from Lezat Wedding Cakes are the favorite items that you should try. It uses over 95% organic ingredients which are fresh and high-quality as well.

Please note that organic rating does not apply to decorations such as fondant, cream, sprinkles, and so on. If you want something organic and more refreshing at the same time, how about making fresh fruits as a topping?

There are so many delicious and eye-catching fruits that can be used for a wedding cake. If you love fruits much, these collections are maybe the ones that you are looking for.

Organic Wedding Cakes and Flower Fresh Fruits

You can use this concept for any wedding themes which are held at any season. However, if you are asking about what the right season to have this idea is, then summer is the answer.

In that season, the fruity taste will work well and your guests will love it so much. So, here are some collections of organic wedding cakes from Lezat Wedding Cakes that are combined with fruits.

organic wedding cakes and flowers ideas simple elegant from Lezat-Cakes

organic wedding cakes ideas simple elegant from Lezat-Cakes

organic wedding cakes ideas simple elegant from Lezat-Cakes

organic wedding cakes ideas simple elegant from Lezat-Cakes

organic wedding cakes ideas simple elegant from Lezat-Cakes

organic wedding cakes and flowers ideas simple elegant from Lezat-Cakes


1. Half-Naked Cakes with Berries

The half-naked cake concepts are always interesting. You may use it in any wedding concept whether it is classic, vintage, or modern. The design will make the guests imagine the delicious taste of these wedding cakes.

The thin white cream is spread all over the parts. Then, a lot of berries are placed in every layer so that people can see it properly. What berries to use for this item?

You may use one type of berry or more. To make this item more interesting, you may choose various berries such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc.

2. Unique Display with Coconut

These organic wedding cakes are beyond unique. The white-on-white cake is the basic concept where the slice of fresh coconut is placed there.

The buttercream is textured to create a unique effect. It makes this item have a strong tropical vibe and is perfect if you have a beach-theme wedding, outdoors concept, etc.

To give a more beautiful display, a small miniature of the coconut leaf is also placed there. If you want to, Lezat Cakes can add the coconut taste to this cake or cream as well.

3. Roses and Orange Slices

Orange is just perfect for any season. That is why; you may request to have these organic wedding cakes. Oranges flavor can be applied, or you may just use the many slices of oranges as the decoration.

The swirl style will be used by the baker since it looks beautiful and modern at the same time. Then, the fresh roses are attached there too to give more statement to this wedding cake.

4. Vibrant Fig

Lezat Wedding Cakes plays with the contrast color for this concept. It is a white cake in one, two, three, or more tiers that are combined with colorful figs.

These figs are sliced so that you can see the green, red, and white colors at the same time. It is suitable for a classic and simple concept. Usually, you don’t need to add more ornaments since it enhances the contrast look.

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How about the organic wedding cakes los angeles with fresh fruit ideas above? All of them are so interesting, healthy, and delicious at the same time and you can order at Lezat Cakes.

To see more references, please open the website. There you can explore the collections, details, and prices, and get more information about other services.

Lezat Cakes will ensure you get more than 95% organic ingredients that are fresh and healthy. So, order your organic wedding cakes now from this shop to get a beautiful and delicious cake at the same time.

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