Small Wedding Cake 1 Tier

Small Wedding Cake 1 Tier

If you want to have an intimate party, the small wedding cake 1 tier is the right option. Lezat Cakes will make this item more beautiful and can match your concept.

All of us know that there are so many wedding concepts nowadays. It means that you may need a wedding cake that is not only using white buttercream or fondant.

Small Wedding Cake 1 Tier

Small Wedding Cake 1 Tier

Small Wedding Cake 1 Tier


Small Wedding Cake 1 Tier new year

Small Wedding Cake 1 Tier
















Some couples have different tastes, and they may want another color. For this case, Lezat Cakes gives you a lot of ideas, elegant simple wedding cakes where the cakes come in various color options.

Small Wedding Cake 1 Tier: Colors Collections

When you open our website, you’ll find out that there are so many wedding cakes that have various shades. Here are some of them with the design as well.

1. Soft Cream Buttercream Swirl

This small wedding cake one tier is covered in soft green buttercream. However, the buttercream is textured in a swirl shape, so that it looks unique and beautiful.

On top, baker can place various toppers based on your request. Those can be the love sign, bride & groom miniature, Mr & Mrs topper, gold heart shape, and so on.

2. Soft Pink Style

Lezat Cakes makes a cake that is covered in soft pink cream. The cream itself is textured neatly to give a more elegant look so that the guests will adore it easily.

You may choose the soft pink color only, or the ombre style. Ombre means a design where the color has its gradation from dark to light. For the decoration, the white and dark pink flowers can be placed on top.

3. Swiss Dot White Cake

The 1 tier wedding cakes that comes in white is the favorite of most couples. That is why; Lezat Cakes uses the Swiss dot pattern for this style.

The neat rows of white dots are applied to the white-on-white cake. The swirl texture can be made on the top surface, where you can request to put some toppers there.

4. Chocolate Hand-Piped Trees

Are you a chocolate lover? If it is so, you may need to choose this wedding cake. Lezat Cakes makes a one-tier option where it is covered in chocolate cream.

After that, the hand-piped landscape of trees and mountains is made all over this 1 tier wedding cakes. This style is highly recommended if you have a rustic theme or choosing a ski chalet for your venue.

5. Black-Theme Wedding Cake

Nowadays, black color is also used in a wedding cake since it can be made in various beautiful designs. An example is a one-tier option that has a tuxedo shape. It is a 3-D thing where fondant will be used as the outer part.

Another idea is to use the black cream for the cakes. After that, you can combine it with gold ornaments, white chocolate drip, or other decorations based on your liking.

Order Your One-Tier Wedding Cakes from Lezat Cakes

Are you ready to order this small wedding cake 1 tier? You can make one of the references above for your wedding cake option, or request a custom design. Lezat Cakes is ready to hear you and make your dream come true.

All cakes made are not only beautiful but also delicious. This is because Lezat Wedding Cakes uses 95% organic ingredients for their products. Meanwhile, all ingredients are always fresh and having the high-quality as well.

Do you want to order one? Please check the website to get more references and make your order. You may find some interesting services there and know more details too. The small wedding cake 1 tier Los Angeles wedding cakes from  Lezat Cakes will make your special occasion more meaningful.

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