Wedding Cakes Pasadena with the Organic Ingredients

Wedding Cakes Pasadena with the Organic Ingredients

Finding the wedding cakes Pasadena, California is maybe easy. A service like this is available everywhere where the bakery shops can create the products for their clients.

However, nowadays people do not only care about taste but also quality. That is why; many people, where you are maybe one of them, really love the organic ingredients.

Organic ingredients for a wedding cake are possible. Since all the ingredients used are organic, you will get the premium one with a delicious taste for sure.

“Lezat Cakes” is where you can order the organic wedding cake like this. This wedding cakes in Pasadena service also has various interesting designs and can be customed too.


About the Organic Ingredients

Organic food is food that goes through a conventional production process. In this context, the term organic is used for grouping plant foods such as vegetables and fruits grown without pesticides.

In addition, these organic things also include meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products. It is especially those that are produced without the use of antibiotics or injectable growth hormones.

Increasingly, the organic food market is growing greatly In the world. People’s interest in food and agriculture is increasing. With the development of organic things, people also pay more attention to the environment.

This is because they consider organic food in addition to being safe from the production process. Besides that, the nutrients contained are also much healthier.

The Organic Wedding Cakes Pasadena California

In Pasadena, California you can find a bakery shop that uses organic ingredients. It is the “Lezat Cakes” where you can order wedding cakes and also for other occasions.

Many beautiful designs are available, but it also has some other services for you. Here are some of those services that you can note from this wedding cakes Pasadena CA.

1. Various Sizes are Available

Lezat Cakes serves you with many size options. The example is a small cake with 6 inches diameter and two layers. However, you can also request another size at a different price.

The small cake usually can serve 10 portions. Meanwhile, the large one can serve up to 150 people. You can see all the samples, designs, and prices on its website.

2.  90% Organics

This bakery shop gives you a cake with 90% organic ingredients. It is especially for the cakes and cream, but some of the decorations are from the common ingredients.

Those are for the fondant, chocolate, sprinkle, and so on. However, it still uses high-quality ingredients to give you the best taste and texture.

3. Thematic Cakes

This wedding cakes Pasadena CA provides a thematic bakery. You can order any design based on your liking and dream. It is started from the cute one up to the elegant and luxurious look.

You may have a one-colored cake, a monochrome one, a colorful one, or others. Fondant is also available for you who want to make a 3-D option that will look like a real object.

4.  Promo and Discounts

This bakery shop gives you several promo and discounts (certain terms and requirements are required). An example is like 10% promo and discount for a second time order for a cake, etc.

Check everything on its website for updated discounts like that. Lezat Cakes will inform everything clearly there.

It is a wedding cake in Pasadena, California that you can trust. Please make sure to make an order at least 3 days before your special moment so that there will be enough time to prepare everything.

Get more information about pricing, orders, and everything from the Lezat Cakes website. Order now to get a cake that is beautiful inside and outside.

The organic ingredients that it has will impress you and the guests too. Are you ready to make your wedding amazing with Lezat cakes, the wedding cakes Pasadena CA service?

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